East Ayrshire Council would like your views on their new policy on domestic abuse

Over a thousand incidents of domestic abuse were reported to the police in East Ayrshire last year.

Domestic abuse is emotional, physical and/or sexual abuse by a partner or ex-partner. It is characterised by a pattern of controlling behaviour which escalates in frequency and severity over time. East Ayrshire Council wants to make sure that people experiencing domestic abuse have immediate access to the help and support they need, and are developing a new policy on how they aim to make this happen.

How can you help?

Please click here to read the policy statement (or if you’d like to see the full policy, click here), and click here to answer a few short questions.

Your answers will be completely confidential, and will only be used to help us finalise our new policy. You cannot be identified in any way from this survey.

The survey is open until Monday 11th February 2019.