Our overall aim is to promote the rights of tenants and residents across East Ayrshire in the maintenance and improvement of their housing conditions, amenities, and the environment. As well as encouraging community activities, we promote community spirit in our neighbourhoods.

We work with a variety of local tenants and residents, associations, and community groups across East Ayrshire, and support each organisation to independently make their communities a better place to live. Below is a list of local organisations that we support.


Chair: Joe Smith
T 01563 402 090



Chair: Lisa Fulton
E  • T

Chair: Lynn Graham
E secretary@eafederation.comThis image requires alt text, but the alt text is currently blank. Either add alt text or mark the image as decorative.T 01563 631000

Chair: Sadie McSherry
E sadie.mcsherry1938@yahoo.com • T 01563 820 899

Chair: William McGuiness
E william.mcguiness@mypostoffice.co.uk • T 07548 977 664

Chair: Bruce Cuthbertson
E  • T 07765 793 375

Chair: Jim Elliot
E jim.elliot@btinternet.com • T 07739 152 929

Chair: Russell Murdoch
E hughmurd1956@gmail.com • T 07544 108 604

Chair: Marion Clark
T 1563 549592

Chair: David Leggat
E daveyleggat@hotmail.com • T 01563 532 951

  • Housing Services are inspired by the passion, conviction, and dedication of the federation, tenants' and residents' groups, and community action plan steering groups. We believe that those who use our services and live within our communities are our experts, and they are invaluable to the continued improvement of the services we provide.

    Blair Millar • Housing Services Manager • East Ayrshire Council

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