Established in 2007, Tenants and Residents East Ayrshire, is an umbrella organisation that represents tenants and residents associations, and tenants throughout East Ayrshire. A nationally recognised and award-winning Federation, we aim to promote the rights of tenants and residents in the maintenance and improvement of housing conditions, housing services, and communities.

We work in partnership with East Ayrshire Council, Tenants Information Service (TIS), and Registered Social Landlords (housing organisations) to further develop tenant participation and scrutiny to ensure that tenants have a say on how housing and related services are delivered, and how policies are developed and implemented.

We believe that by working together in our local communities that we can improve conditions and services, alongside the environment and overall community life.

The activities and day-to-day management of the Federation are managed by an Executive Committee (EC). Click here to meet the team.

The EC consists of 12 representatives who are elected from our Member organisations to take forward housing and related issues that affect the whole of East Ayrshire. The work of the Federation, our Members, and interested tenants and residents is varied and has led to improvements in housing services and communities.

Our newsletter and annual report is sent to all Council tenants, community organisations, local housing organisations, and others. Each year we organise a fantastic conference in partnership with the Council’s Housing Services to keep everyone up to date, seek views, and learn new things.

This, along with our open meetings, surveys, and consultations allows us to communicate with a wide number of tenants, communities, and other organisations, and ensure we have a voice within the Council and Scottish Government.


We aim to encourage and promote tenant and resident activity in East Ayrshire by motivating, cooperating and liaising with our membership, communities, East Ayrshire Social landlords and other organisations, both locally and nationally.

CIH Scotland: Working in Partnership Award – Tenancy Agreement Video
Winner:  East Ayrshire Federation of Tenants and Residents

TIS Community Development Excellence Award
Winner: Tenants and Residents East Ayrshire

TIS Community Development Excellence Award
Finalist: Tenants and Residents East Ayrshire

TIS Frances Nelson MBE Excellence Award
Winner: Bruce Cuthbertson

TIS Community Development Excellence Award
Winner: Tenants and Residents East Ayrshire

TIS Tenant and Resident Organisation of the Year
Finalist: Tenants and Residents East Ayrshire

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