Tenant participation is a gateway for tenants, residents, and community groups to work together, with their landlords, to have their say and influence decisions about the housing services that they receive.

It is about tenants taking part in decision-making processes and influencing decisions about housing policies; housing conditions; and housing services. It is a two-way process which involves the sharing of information, ideas, and knowledge. Its aim is to improve the standard of housing conditions and services. The right to participate comes from a reasonable expectation that housing services and policies should meet the tenant’s needs and preferences, as far as possible, within available resources.

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  • Better service delivery and improved value for money
  • Opportunities to develop new knowledge and skills
  • Better communication between staff and tenants
  • Better links between the community and housing organisation
  • Informed and knowledgeable tenants who have the skills and confidence to influence decisions
  • Housing organisation staff and tenants being more aware of each other’s perspectives and organisational and financial implications
  • Breaks down misunderstanding and mistrust between the housing organisation and tenants and builds a mutual respect and understanding
  • Increased tenant satisfaction with their home and neighbourhood
  • Increased job satisfaction for housing organisation staff
  • The volunteers work tirelessly to promote tenant participation in the East Ayrshire area. They do a fantastic job of working in partnership with their landlord, involving the local community in what they do and being an inspiration to other tenant and resident groups across Scotland.

    Susan McLellan • Tenant Participation Manager • Scottish Government

How to get involved