East Ayrshire Council Homeowners Service

The FED had a very informative session delivered by Jim New, East Ayrshire Council’s Team Manager within the Homeowners Service on Wednesday 10th April.

Jim provided members of the Executive Committee and volunteers an overview of the service, covering:

  • Overview of common elements
  • Where do we come across private homeowners?
  • Why do we deal with private homeowners?
  • The legal side of dealing with private homeowners.
  • Overview of the Homeowners Service including the Property Factoring Section and Common Works Section.


This session was extremely informative and Jim gave some brilliant scenarios and the group all felt this had provided them with some different views of the complex issues that the service can come across.

David Leggat chairperson commented “living in a shared tenure block myself, this session covered some really salient points and opened my eyes to just how different elements can impact on any repairs, upgrades of shared blocks where there is a mixture of tenants and homeowners”

The group agreed that going forward, the service and the FED would put together a working group to promote and inform tenants of the service with a view to making the information tenant friendly.

if you would like to know more or wish to be involved in the working group that looks at the Homeowners Service. Please get in touch at:

01563 631000 – secretary@eafederation.com – admin@eafederation.com

here are some photos of the session…