East Ayrshire interested tenants and residents forum (ITRF)

The Federation in conjunction with East Ayrshire Council want to highlight different ways for you to become more involved in shaping services, meeting new people and accessing information and advice. The ITRF offers the flexibility for individual tenants and residents to have that voice.

This is a forum of people who have expressed an interest in housing matters and a willingness to be consulted periodically. Consultation will normally be by postal survey or online, however individuals have the opportunity to participate in other ways.

Advantages of being a member

For the Council, the main advantage is having a group of people who are interested and willing to share their views and opinions and gaining valid feedback on Council services.

For members there are a number of benefits:

  •  the opportunity to directly influence housing services
  •  improve your knowledge of housing services
  •  participate in training
  •  meet like minded people.
Who can become a member

Anyone that uses East Ayrshire Council’s Housing Service can join the forum. There may be times where the Council seek only the views of East Ayrshire Council tenants, for example, consultation on rents or repairs.

Click here for more information or click to complete application form below.

Membership is on a voluntary basis and you can become a member by completing our online application form which provides us with some information about you, your home and your areas of interest.