Federation Grant Success allows group to ‘Go Digital’

The East Ayrshire Federation of Tenants & Residents (EAFED) have been successful in securing £7000 in grant funding from Foundation Scotland and the Corra Foundation to purchase IT equipment to support members to carry on their work in their own homes, while the Federation Office is closed in accordance with Government Guidance.  The EAFED receives ongoing development support from the Tenants Information service (TIS), and the team at TIS assisted with the application process and have provided technical support and training to help group members to successfully ‘go digital’. This has meant that Executive Committee meetings have been able to go ahead via Zoom and Microsoft Teams, and the crucial work been carried out around the scrutiny of East Ayrshire Council’s void housing re-let service and their kitchen and bathroom replacement programme has been able to continue.

Executive Committee Meeting
Executive Committee Meeting

The EAFED are keen to deliver new projects and to continue to work closely with East Ayrshire Council, and the technology and new digital skills will facilitate this.

The funding has also been used to allow EAFED to set up a ‘Laptop Library’. Lap-tops and MiFi internet access units can be borrowed by local tenant and resident groups to support them to carry on with their work. The EAFED will also offer ‘peer support’ and remote training to help groups make use of the devices and digital platforms, such as Zoom.

The group’s Website and Facebook page are being used to keep local tenants and residents up to date with both local and national information, advice and top-tips, and anyone looking to get in touch will find all the contact information here.

We are delighted that, with support from TIS, we have been able to access the funds to allow us to continue to work during this time. Our work is not only important for improving services and managing relationships between the council and tenants, but it is a valuable social network for our members and we feel it is vital to keep people connected to support their mental health and prevent isolation during this time.” Bruce Cuthbertson, Chair East Ayrshire Federation of Tenants and Residents.

For further information on working with tenants and resident groups in your area, or getting involved with the work of the Federation follow us on Facebook, visit our website www.eafederation.com , or call us on 01563 524073.

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