Inspiring Digital Enterprise Award

East Ayrshire Council has launched plans to help citizens and businesses across East Ayrshire to improve their digital skills and help address the digital skills gap.

Partnering with the Duke of York Inspiring Digital Enterprise Award (iDEA), we are rolling out a free digital learning programme for people of all ages living, learning or working in East Ayrshire.

iDEA has been developed to help inspire people all over the world to become digital citizens, workers, makers, entrepreneurs and gamers to enhance their employability and to help them become economically active.

iDEA is for everyone. Adults and young people can access the programme for free, and you can learn on your own, in a group, or together as a family – from your phone, tablet or computer.

How it works

iDEA is a digital and enterprise version of The Duke of Edinburgh Award. For every new skill mastered, iDEA learners are awarded a digital badge.

Each badge carries points and when you earn enough points, you are awarded the Bronze, Silver or Gold Inspiring Digital Enterprise Award. Badges cover a wide range of topics from cyber security and animation, to coding.

We are offering everyone in East Ayrshire who takes part in iDEA an exclusive Digital EA badge to start you on your iDEA journey. The badge shows that you are a proud digital resident, business or Council employee and counts towards your bronze award.

How to take part

To take part in iDEA:

  • visit
  • create an account, then select ‘redeem’
  • enter the appropriate codes below and redeem:
    • Citizens, enter EAD161CCZ
    • Businesses, enter EAD161TBIZ

East Ayrshire digital badge

Download a step-by-step guide on how to claim your East Ayrshire digital badge:


Click here to find out more information.